Arien has many passions in life, but none stronger then fitness and creative work. While it may seem strange to commit to such completely different fields, he has always been a “nerd” and athlete at heart. Arien earned two full academic scholarships to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he also played division 1 football.

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill Arien moved to Los Angeles to take a gap year before furthering his education. Being the first time away from home he was able to experience new things and fell in love with fitness and web design. Being a former division 1 athlete, fitness came natural to Arien. After gaining experience as a trainer, he became fascinated with pushing people out of their comfort zone and inspiring them to reach their goals. Separately, creative work has been an interest of his since a young age. While in school Arien showed a wide creative range from working with photoshop in elementary school, to full music videos projects in middle school, to creating websites and graphics for family while in High School.

Today, Arien’s creative focus is on large scale web applications and starting a boutique creative agency. On the fitness side, Arien is focused on growing his private training business into a brand which can lead the way in standardizing accurate health & fitness information and making it more accessible to all through digital interfaces.

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